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Hello and thank you for visiting my personal website. This is really just a place for me to place pictures, tell you what's going on and have a portal for my programming work.

If you want to see what's been going on recently in my life, click on My News at the top. This is where I'll post pictures from my recent trips or talk about recent events.

About Me

My degree is actually in Hotel & Restaurant Management from Johnson and Wales University, Providence Rhode Island. Early on, my jobs were all centered around restaurants and hotels until I decided that I just didn't want to work weekends or holidays. At that point, I quit the hotel business and started a new job as an operator on mid-range systems (IBM System/36) and worked my way up while developing a hotel software application, now used in over 5,000 hotels world-wide..

I live half my time in Tampa, Florida and the other half in San Francisco, California. In my spare time I play a lot of softball both locally and participating in tournaments around the country. I also enjoy playing poker, bowling, cooking, entertaining, spending time with friends as well as traveling.

 2013 Softball WorldSeries

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If you want to get in touch with me for any reason, send an email to robert@paresi.net

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