Clarion is the programming language I am most familiar with, and I've been using it since 1989. Other languages and technologies I am skilled in include XML, SQL, ASP, HTML and VisualBASIC. Here are a few things I've written which I share with the Clarion community.

  • iQ-XML
  • iQ-XML Functions
  • iQ-XML Support
  • iQ-Toy (Clarion Search Utility)

Written in Clarion by Robert Paresi

The easiest way to incorporate XML reading and writing in your Clarion application - with over 50 easy to use functions!

iQ-XML is a free tool for Clarion developers to add XML functionality to their applications with very little knowledge. It offers many features not found in Clarion's own XML functions. iQ-XML comes with both Parser and Writer functions. Generate an XML document from a Clarion Queue, Group structure, or using the API's. A novice user can read a complex XML document and fill a Clarion Queue easily. Navigate easily through the XML document, finding nodes and parsing only what you need.

  • Process XML files with CDATA and attributes.
  • Process XML files even with Binary fields (both parser and writer)
  • Easily fill queue contents with different field names including dimensional fields (parser and writer).
  • Easily debug your process with an included XML Debugger as well as debug the contents of your own queue.
  • Cascade field contents from one level in to another level during parsing.
  • Easily prime empty queue fields with values or skip added queue entries based on optional data requirements.
  • PDF and Online HTML documentation as well as example applications included.
  • Works easily with both Clarion Legacy and Clarion ABC - templates and hand-coding.

Comes with easy debugger when writing code for parsing. Simply add the statement xml:DebugQueue('here') and the debugger pops up showing you the current node pointer. You can then simulate your code in the debugger to help write the proper statements such as when to go to next parent, child, sibling, etc.

And checkout the handy little function called xml:DebugMyQueue('here') where you can display the contents of your own Queue on-the-fly. Another great debugging tool, even when not using XML!


Great program! Thanks, this is just what I needed!! I had purchased "..." and spent over 30 hours trying to get it to write a queue to an XML file. I never did get it to work. I took iQ-XML and did it in less than 10 minutes!! - G.S.

"I really want to thank you for the fine work you've donated to the community with iQ-XML." - Jim

Download iQ-XML (Clarion 6.0.9056)

Download iQ-XML (Version 2.93 for Clarion 8.0.9759 - February 20, 2014)

Download iQ-XML (Version 2.93 for Clarion 9.0 - February 20, 2014)

Download iQ-XML (Version 3.02 for Clarion 9.1 (11529)- June 17, 2015)

Download iQ-XML (Version 3.02 for Clarion 10 (11834)- June 17, 2015)

iQ-XML Functions

Parser Functions

  • Load/Parse XML from a file
  • Load/Parse XML from a string
  • Handle standard XML data, CDATA and Binary Encoding (Base 64)
  • Interactive XML Debugger Tool
  • Easily display the contents of a Clarion Queue with powerful options
  • Navigate through XML (ReadNext, ReadPrevious, ReadCurrent)
  • Easily find and navigate through the XML using FindNextNode, GotoTop, GotoChild, GotoParent, GotoSibling
  • Parse and entire XML document and place contents into a Clarion queue.
  • Pivot through different portions of the XML document and come right back using Save/Restore state.
  • Parse documents using Single or Double Quotes.
  • Advance parsing including Cascading Parent Data, setting field attributes and much more.

Writer Functions

  • Write/Create XML data to a file
  • Write/Create XML data to a string
  • Write standard XML data, CDATA and Binary Encoding (Base 64)
  • Write a Clarion File to XML
  • Write a Clarion Queue to XML
  • Write a Clarion Group to XML
  • Create Echo Tokens and GMT (Time Zone) adjustment fields

Additional Functions

  • Convert HTML to Plain Text (including tables)
  • Convert/Encode string text to XML data
  • Convert/Decode XML data to string text
  • Convert string text to HTML
  • Replace string text function
  • Parse string text function (value|value|value|value|value)
  • Extract string text function (left*middle*right)
  • Display contents of a Clarion Queue on the fly in a single line. XML:DebugMyQueue(MyQueue,'Show me this!')

iQ-XML Support and Consulting

iQ-XML function library works with Clarion by Soft Velocity -- it is currently being used by hundreds of people and in one instance, is used to process well over 1 million travel documents per month in a high volume environment.

The function library is free for anyone to use, provided it is not used to process OTA (Open Travel Alliance) documents.

Support for this product is only done through the Clarion NewsGroup: softvelocity.clarion.third_party

Contacting me for Support:

This product was written by Robert Paresi, as a free contribution to the Clarion community only.  Please use the newsgroups for general help.

A Charge for Support - Personal emails or requests for help will require a $75.00 (USD) charge per hour, for all cases and circumstances.  If the issue is determined to be a bug (a defect in the product within the parameters of what it is designed to do), the charge will then be refunded. If you would like me to help you develop a web-service or help with integrating XML into your Clarion 8 application, I can do that as well and usually charge on the project basis.

For help, I need your entire application and data files and a $75.00 deposit processed through PayPal.

Please download the latest version of iQ-XML before reporting any issue and please indicate both what version of iQ-XML and what version of Clarion you are using.  You can download it from www.paresi.net

Source Code:

Source code is not available for this product.


If you have suggestions, please discuss them in the Clarion newsgroups or by email to the above address only.  If you would like to contribute changes to templates or help with working with other character sets, DTD, Schema Support, etc., please let me know.

Written in Clarion by Robert Paresi

This is a Clarion Search Utility program I wrote many years ago.

iQ-Toy is a free tool for Clarion developers to search their code to find where things are. It is very fast, and shows you the Function and Module the code is in. I use it everyday! If I need to find out what function something is in, I can type a word from the screen and up it comes.

Best of all, it's free - so give it a try!!!!

This was based on the Clarion Toy window that Nigel Hicks (G.R.H.S.) wrote many years ago.

Download iQ-Toy (Version 1.09 - November 26, 2014)


  (c) Robert Paresi - All Rights Reserved