The "Premier" Sticky Notes / "Post-It Notes" software!
Now with Expense/Time Tracking and many other features.

This application gives the user the ability to track notes on their computer just like Post-It notes.  The application is freeware, which means you can download and use it, at no cost! One neat thing you can do with it is that it can synchronize with an FTP server so the notes on one computer is the same as the notes on your other computers or laptop.

If you have notes all over your desk, or want to save information all in one place without losing them, you'll find this program very easy to use with many useful features. Simply just install this program and it appears on your task-tray. Whenever you want to create a fast note, just double-click on the post-it note icon on your task tray. It's that easy.

iQ-Notes has won awards!


Click here to see a video about iQ-Notes!

Note - This product has reached it end-of-life. It is no longer supported. You are welcome to download and use it (free of charge) but there is no support for it and there will be no future changes/fixes/enhancements.

Features at a glance!

  • Unlimited Notes can be created and resized.
  • Up to 12 different tabs of notes on each note.
  • Archive Notes, Print Notes, Encrypt Notes and Sort Notes.
  • Notes are not stored in a text or ini file that are easy to read or hack from other people touching your computer. You can also protect certain notes with a password.
  • Synchronize notes with a server when using multiple computers.
  • Expense and Time Tracking functionality on each note with Start/Stop Timer and time-sheet tracking.
  • Set an alarm on the note so it pops up at a certain date and time.
  • Attach notes to webpages, spreadsheets, applications, anything and have them automatically open.
  • Clipboard Manager remembers everything you placed on your Windows clipboard and easily create a note from something you've previously placed on the clipboard.
  • Network send option that can securely send notes to other iQ-Notes users on the network or through the internet. Other "Sticky Note" applications blindly send notes in an unsecure way (open and readable) as well as without any security that the receiver is actually the intended receiver. iQ-Notes uses 128-bit encryption to securely transfer your note from one iQ-Notes user to another as well as verifies that the agreed password matches between users.
  • Automatic saving of notes with nine automatic backups behind the scenes.
  • Support for English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch languages - see below
  • It's Totally Free!

Totally Free without any compromise:
iQ-Notes contains no ad-ware, spy-ware or any type of ware. Optional synchronization of your notes are stored on your ownFTP server, so they are completely secured by you only, and there is no need to purchase email accounts or install plug-ins.

Language Translation:
iQ-Notes comes in multi-langauges and is configurable for other langauges. If you want to help create the translation table for Polish or German, please email me.

If you have any questions, suggestions or want to report a bug, just email me. Please make sure you are running the latest version before reporting any issues.

Click here to download iQ-Notes Version 6.00 - April 8, 2013

See "Change Log" at top of screen for details of changes.


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