Sticky Notes software / "Post-It Notes" for Windows
Version Changes





  1. Correct tab spacing on Note Properties screen - tab order incorrect..
  2. Add new "Attach Note" functionality to automatically attach a note to an application, webpage or window and have it open automatically.
  3. Changed inserting of Bullets and Date/Time to be "smart" so it would automatically decide whether to start a new line or not for faster entering.
  4. Changed program installer so user can indicate whether or not to start iQ-Notes at startup.
  1. Ability to set next Sync time when working offline for long periods of time.
  2. Dutch Language Set
  3. Ability to recover automatically from a corrupted notes file.
  4. When notes were Password Protected, an orphan Checkbox would appear in the popup menu item
  5. Ability to set the Data Directory so stickies can be stored/shared on network drive or another local directory.
  6. Ability to pull-down last 10 email addresses used when emailing a Sticky Note.
  1. Ability to assign Hot-Key to "Manage Notes"
  2. Ability to attach a Wav (sound) file to each note to play when it opens.
  1. Play a generic Open/Close/Delete/Alarm sounds when opening, closing and deleting notes.
  2. Able to set non-active notes to a transparent background.
  3. Switch to confirm when deleting notes.
  4. More flexibility and options for Find features including drop-downs of history.
  5. Title can automatically be created when you start typing the details of a note.
  6. Integrated HTML help and better layout of User Options tab.
  7. Preview contents of notes while in Manage Notes detail screen.
  8. New FTP socket tool with better synchronization with Vista.
  1. Ability to Hide/Display all on-screen notes by double-clicking on task-tray icon
  2. Short-cut key for Find All Notes (CTRL+ALT+F)
  3. Ability to change Note Color with CTRL+UpArrow
  1. Added French language set.
  2. Added new Expense Tracking functionality. (Time and Expense Tracking)
  3. Option to not open iQ-Notes when logging in as Windows Guest account
  4. Ability to pick note color on Note Properties screen.

  1. Changed Manage Notes screen from drop-down to Tabs for "Single-Click" access
  2. Added "Clear List" to Email notes drop-down to clear email list.
  1. Transparency now appears slowly for a nicer look.
  2. Network Send - Send notes to friends and co-workers in a secure way (128-bit encryption) and have them appear immediately on their desktop.
  3. User Options and About Window now Stay On Top
  4. Quickly/Easily HIDE or SHOW all opened notes.
  5. Spanish language set added.
  6. Portuguese language set added.
  7. Many small fixes and enhancements.
  1. All tooltips use default language set.
  2. Better Copy" toolbar icon.
  3. Added Insert Date/Time to toolbar, removed Save button
  4. Made it so if toolbar is turned on, menu is accessible by toolbar and right-click inside text area is now the common Windows pop-up Cut/copy/paste options. If user wants standard cut/copy/paste plus Unicode options such as right-to-left order and Arabic, recommend leaving toolbar on.
  5. Added new tab "Active Notes" to the Manage Notes screen to list only active notes.
  1. NEW: Added Clipboard Manager
  2. NEW: Added "Delete Note" to Manage Notes.
  3. NEW: Note Icons show in Manage Notes screen and are sortable by flag colors.
  4. NEW: Manage Notes screen now allows right-click popup menu access.
  5. NEW: Added ability for user to set their own note colors.
  6. NEW: Added ability to disable Hot Keys (iQ-Notes restart required)
  7. NEW: Ability to access Web Address and Email from Right-Click options inside a note.
  8. CHANGE: Default note backgrounds to be more pastel/Vista looking.
  9. CHANGE: Moved "Created" date/time string on Note Properties off the Windows title bar so it was easier to be seen.
  10. CHANGE: Added default note flag descriptions for first time use.
  11. CHANGE: Manage Notes screen now looks like new Clipboard Manager window
  12. CHANGE: Moved Address Book to User Options/Notes tab as a button rather than from main menu.
  13. CHANGE: Changed "Add Bullet" so it will now automatically add the new bullet when enter is pressed. Pressing enter twice will stop auto-bulleting.
  14. FIX: Address Book connection setting changes were not taking affect until you closed down and reopened iQ-Notes
  15. FIX: Windows Close Down event may be stopped when having connection manager opened monitoring for incoming notes.
  16. FIX: Better resizing of Manage Notes screen
  17. FIX: Corrected language translations for Network send setup options.
  1. FIX: Resizing of Note Detail would be incorrect when Toolbar was showing. The bottom right corner where the the scroll bar should appear was incorrect when alarm text would show or would not show.
  2. FIX: Synchronization would fail if the Clipboard Manager was opened.
  1. FIX: Managed Notes screen would not refresh properly all the time depending on the sorting.
  2. FIX: Managed Notes By Subject would always revert back to By Entry Date when Gaining Focus.
  3. FIX: Made loading of Managed Notes screen faster.
  4. FIX: When Managed Notes screen was hidden, and reselected again by TaskTray, it would not come to the foreground all the time.
  5. NEW: Added "Desktop Vertical Adjust" to User Options / Notes so users can adjust the top pixels to start tiling or opening notes. This should be set to 25 when users have their Windows Starbar at the top of the desktop instead of the normal position of the bottom of the desktop.
  1. REGRESSION: Some tabs in Manage Notes were not clickable
  1. FIX: When closing a note which was in the ICONIZE state, when reopening it, it would end up positioned incorrectly both on the screen and with width/height.
  2. Some new (better) Icons
  1. ENHANCEMENT: New compiler - all entry fields True Type fonts.
  2. ENHANCEMENT: Ability to Backup and Restore database (new button on main User Options tab)
  3. ENHANCEMENT: Hot key to bring up Clipboard Manager
  1. FIX: New runtimes fixes random possible GPF's in V5.00
  2. FIX: Lost ability to add new Subjects - only one letter could be entered.
  1. CHANGE: Improvements to resize logic on all screens.
  1. ENHANCEMENT: New! Each note can be broken up in to a maximum of 12 tabs. See "Add Tab" option and "Tabs" option under Properties for each note.
  2. ENHANCEMENT: Ability to Import and Export Address Book so you copy easily on multiple computers.
  3. ENHANCEMENT: Added Ctrl+E / PopUp option to quickly Insert an Expense Tracking Item.
  4. ENHANCEMENT: Show Total Notes on About screen.
  5. FIX:: Fixes to General Error Window
  6. FIX: Updates to missing entries in Language tables.
  7. FIX: More improvements to resize logic on notes screen.
  8. FIX: Made StayOnTop and then Non StayOnTop better and no longer is a spawned application running.
  9. FIX: Sending Notes would not work if the Port was left as zero.
  10. FIX: Password fields for Sending Notes is now masked.
  11. IMPROVEMENT: Corrected access control for Windows X64
  12. IMPROVEMENT: Corrected file access control for UAC
  13. IMPROVEMENT: Adjusted access control to ProgramData\IQNotes for "Users" and "System" during install.
IMPROVEMENT: New RUNTIME including uses of all True-Type fonts in program including Entry Fields. Released 5.05
FIX: GDI/Video issues for Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server users. Released 5.06

ENHANCEMENT: New! You can now Print Peview printing of note before printing.

ENHANCEMENT: New! You can PDF the note (File / Save As) when using Print Preview

Released 5.07

FIX: Issues could occur when printing on some printers using a PostScript driver
FIX: User will be prompted before rolling back using FTP Rollback
ENHANCEMENT: You can now do a Check for Updates from Help / About and upgrade internally

Released 5.08

Recompile with 9285 RTL build (faster screen display)
NEW: Manage Notes screen shows Alarm Date and Time (column is sortable)

Release 5.09

Recompile with 9661 RTL build (Many fixes)
NEW: Manage Notes screen can come up by Double-Clicking on tasktray icon.

NEW: Support for Microsoft Windows 8

Release 5.10

Support for Windows 8
Better Support for UAC (User Access Control)
Support for Tablets (Manage Notes screen option for TouchScreen)

Release 6.00


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