Copy/Backup program, mostly for developers.
Synchronize files with other drives, folders and USB drives easily.

I love this program ... use it many times a day.

This is a utility which simply copies and synchronize files. Simply setup an unlimited number of copy projects, and then when you need to execute it, highlight the project and press Run. In addition, you can setup "Actions" that run Before or After the copy such as Create Directories, Delete Files, Run exectuables, FTP files to remote servers and more.

In my environment, I have test (Alpha) servers, Q/A (Beta) servers and Production servers. As I modify the application, I have to promote the EXE's, DLL's, Help files, control files, and other files into each of these environments for a round of testing. Rather than using Windows Explorer, I simply press "RUN" and that's it. My project of all my copy instructions simply just does the job.

In addition, sometimes the users are in these directories, and iQ-Sync notifies me if the objects are in-use. I can say "wait until they become available" and iQ-Sync goes to sleep, waits for the lock to come undone and then copies the files in. I can walk over to production, ask everyone to exit out ... wait 10 seconds ... and tell them to go back in.

This little utility also synchronizes my Free Agent Seagate backup device, makes it simple to make a backup before I go home each night. I also have a project which copies only changed files back as a Restore project if I have used my FreeAgent backup device at home and make programming changes. I have another project which also copies all my APP's and DCT's to the file server each night under a different day of the week.

Creating projects for two locations (like Home and Work) is easy. I simply create one project which goes TO the device, and then I create a duplicate of the project that copies from the device, simply pressing "Swap Source/Destination".

This program will also optionally upload files to an FTP site.

It's totally free for anyone to use ... and I hope you find it as useful as I do. I decided to call it "iQ-Sync".

iQ-Sync 2.00 - (June 5, 2014) - Click here to download it!

New in this version: FTP Remote Command during FTP allows you to change file permissions (Even on Unix) as well as delete files, copy files, or any other supported command on remote system.

Also, ZIP compression (In Actions screen) including Password Encryption.

  (c) 2007, Robert Paresi - All Rights Reserved