Yosemite (2014) - Yosemite National Park. We saw bears! :-)

Florence Italy (2013) - Out to dinner. An awesome little place in the outskits of Florence in Treverse. Very rustic, very different. Excellent.

Mojo Party (2014) - Liz and I cooking for the Mojo Softball Party.

Austin Texas (2013) - Softball WorldSeries. My team posing for a picture the night before the softball world-series started.

Trastevere Italy (2013) - This is a picture of a very small bar in Trastevere Italy, which I thought was just awesome. Took the bartender more than 20 minutes to make our five drinks because of how much care she put into making them. It was a great trip.

Sydney Australia (2005) - My friend Tyler and I in Sydney Harbor. This was from our trip to Australia where we went to Melbourne, Sydney and then up to Cairns where we snorkled on the Great Barrier Reef.


Cannes France (2006) - This is a picture on the top of a castle with Tyler and Mark.


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